SHARING... Opportunities

The revenue we SHARE with members is:
Up to 65% of our "Digital Branding" revenue through 11 income streams
75% of our "Pay Per Click Digital Advertising" revenue through 4 income streams
​50% of our "Virtual Goods" revenue through 2 income streams

YOBSN is a world-class technology company just like Facebook, Google and other BIG Internet companies – the BIG difference being that we share a large percentage of the advertising and other revenue with our members who help us generate this revenue.

Companies like Google, Facebook, You Tube and others have proven that digital advertising is BIG business. These companies have generated billions of dollars in advertising revenue.

SHARING... My Purpose

Time and again, friends and associates approach you with opportunities promising to make you a multimillionaire in few months.

While some are proven to be scam, I must admit that many young people would have kissed poverty goodbye if only we can suppress the pessimist in us, embrace one or two business opportunities and follow their guidelines to real legitimate success.

I'd like to believe no one hates Network Marketing more than I did. Trust me, I was the wrongest guy to approach until one of my "victims" encouraged me to read about it.

My findings? It is a 21st century business model that has come to stay because it creates more millionaires monthly than the many businesses we focus on and ideas we try to drive alone.

Finding what works for you is KEY

Not every cosmetics, beverage, supplement, pharmaceutical...etc company is good for you even if they present the most mouthwatering compensation plan for their marketing.


1. If you cannot use the product, many times you cannot sell it.
2. When you cannot sell the product, most times you cannot make money.

So if you want something easy (though nothing is easy), service based with a low startup capital yet lucrative, then crowd funding is a good option.

One I'll recommend is Helping Hands International (H2i) an NGO from Asia, with Headquaters @ 653 CABALLERO STREET, DONIA ANGELS CITY, PHILIPPINES.

What Is New?

It is simply an NGO that grows it network of partners with a referral system.

1. You donate ONCE ($40) to become an H2i partner.
2. There are NO monthly fees, purchases or deadlines.
3. There is NO buying and selling of products.
4. H2i is NOT a Pyramid where you have few people at the Top milking others.


OR if you wish, ask ME

SHARING... Opportunities

SHARING... The Future


Keni as a young Nigerian Professional, has a strong passion for the African Youth.

As a Trainer and Public Speaker, he has consistently expressed great bias for the business and professional empowerment of the young African.

He offers group talks, public lectures, trainings and facilitates workshops and seminars in his areas of competence and experience:

  • New Media Business
  • Online Media Enterprise
  • Online Content Development
  • Online Journalism/Marketing
  • Career and Professional Motivation
  • Faith and the Pop Culture

This "calling" has seen him visit universities, professional groups and religious organizations.

"I see the line between a celebrity and the role model and I live to achieve what I call my symbiotic equilibrium."

​Feel free to contact Keni 

Imagine if Facebook gave you an opportunity in 2004, to invest $400 only and forever earn from its global revenue from Games, Advertising, Shopping and Social Marketing (for all your friends you brought to the network). This is what Yobsn is offering you.

Keni is one of the pioneer Yobsn Owners in Nigeria and he has attained a leadership status.

Feel free to contact him on how you can start earning and make it up to millions of dollars taking advantage of Africa's fast growing social media culture...

The future is HERE and NOW